Sunday, June 3, 2012

Literary Week begins Tomorrow

And so it does, though I don't have the down-low on what's actually happening throughout the week at this time I do have the most important event on the whole calendar right here for you now.

Performance Readings by WiTs members at the Perc Tucker Gallery on Saturday the 9th of June. The event kicks off at 1100hrs (that's 11:00am) and concludes at 1300hrs (1:00pm). We will be performing against the backdrop of paintings by some of Australia's most talented artists on display for the prestigious Xstrata Percival Portrait Award.

Carla Hutchinson-Reade will MC the event that will take you through the writers memories of the tree that has influenced or inconvenienced their life the most.

Mark it off in your calenders and don't be late.  

A is for Asking

Previously I've mentioned author Wendy Neilson and her book 'A is for Asking'. Here is the lowdown on everyone associated with the book and some great images from the illustrator.

Wendy Neilsen - author of "A is For Asking"
Wendy has lived all of her life in sunny North Queensland, Australia.  A prolific playground of sun, sea, sand, reefs, rainforests, majestic mountains and an abundance of all things that make your heart sing.  
She loves working with words and sharing her thoughts as a poet.
While training to be a lifecoach, Wendy realised there were many key words associated with gaining a positive enlightened mindset. 
This realisation has developed into a spiritual alphabet book that she hopes will help people, young and old, to evaluate their lives and make the changes within themselves to create a life that makes their heart sing, every day in every way.
For more information about the author and artist or to share your thoughts about the book, visit

Christopher Brunton - illustrator of "A is for Asking"
Chris is a Townsville based graphic artist with more than 23 years newspaper and advertising print media experience and has many local and national advertising awards to his credit. 
He has taught Illustration, Cartooning and Core Drawing at all levels, from children with special needs through to university.
Having always pursued freelance illustration work, Chris is now making it a full time occupation.  ‘A is for Asking’ is his first children’s book. 
Other recent commissions include covers for Perth author Bridgette Powell's murder mystery novel 'Reflection of Evil', Irish author Tina Brescanu's 'Warriors of Change', and Esther Over-Kershaw's science-fiction novel 'Bystander'.  Chris has just finished a series of fully painted posters for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, that will be in schools soon.
An avid fitness fanatic, Chris offsets long hours slaving over the drawing board with time in the gym and is a keen scuba diver.
Chris can also be contacted via email at

From the publisher
For over 10 years now I’ve been involved in reviewing and publishing children’s ‘mind body spirit books’ also known as ‘spiritual books’ through Pick-a-WooWoo Publishers. 
This book ‘ A is for Asking’ certainly jumped out from the masses I critique each year.  The books simplistic rhyme carefully imparts a profound message - all the while being entertained with some of the best digital artwork I’ve seen in a book for some time. 
I’ve heard many a Parent and Retailer say that they would love a more unique and loving way to deliver the A-Z alphabet...well look no further.  It’s 3 main characters, Angel (Love), Fairy (Light) & Pixie (Laughter) bring the alphabet to life in a truly unique way using visualisation techniques (and loving words) – whilst using the Australian bush and a variety of quirky Aussie animals to make it a truly unique experience.  The story ends with some interactive questions and activities which allows the relations between child and parent to continue long after the story is read.  
As an Author, Wendy’s passionate endeavours to create a strong personal platform in which to promote her new book will ensure that many parents are likely to hear the books message that “Your thoughts, and the words you choose to use every minute of every hour of every day, create your attitude and actions which creates your reality.”
How can we not want this for our children?

Julie-Ann Harper 
Director – Pick-a-WooWoo Publishers
Publishers of Mind-Body-Spirit books.

Heritage Day 2012

As usual WiTs attended the annual Heritage Day held in West End Park/Cemetery. By all accounts the day was a great success for all involved with some really interesting stuff on display and for sale.
I believe WiTs made a killing with their I believe.
I've put up a photo of the organisers posing with local author Wendy Neilson who was displaying and selling her children's book 'A is for Asking'.

They all look so serious... it was a fun day, I swear.