About Wits

Writers In Townsville Society Inc. is a group of writers who share and critique works-in-progress, to inspire and to learn from each other.

Email us to find out the venue, date and time for the next meeting

WITS has two different meeting formats: (a) READING NIGHTS where writers can read their pieces and receive feedback (Minimum of 10 minutes per writer including time for feedback) (b) WRITING NIGHTS are mini writing retreats where you can spend an uninterrupted 3 hours working on your project or participate in a WITS writing exercise.

Membership - Attend your first two meetings for free then pay a $30 annual membership fee. Subsequent meetings cost $2 per person. Membership form can be downloaded from here http://www.mediafire.com/?nylzdf1n10w

WITS can be reached at witsnq(at)gmail(dot)com