Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Growing World of Ebooks

Everything you need to know here about epublishing.

I gotta read this stuff myself, I feel like I'm being left behind as technology moves a lot faster than me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ipswich Poetry Fest Competition

In the latter part of the nineteenth century two young children, Bridget and Mary Broderick, drowned at a waterhole that lies within the boundaries of the area now known as Henry Lawson Bicentennial Park at Walloon. This tragic event was the subject of a poem penned by Henry Lawson in 1891 titled "The Babies of Walloon"

The Ipswich Poetry Feast is a citywide initiative aimed at commemorating this significant event through the introduction of an annual international poetry competition and events that:

•Encourage young and aspiring poets

•Provide an opportunity for poets to showcase their work

•Raise community awareness of the creativity and skills in poetry writing

•Promote Ipswich as a vibrant, culturally rich region

Check out the site for details. Sounds like a great comp inspired by a terrible tragedy.

Adventures in Epublishing

Certainly looks like some interesting reading in this post and the blog in general. A great guide for those getting started in, or looking at getting started in, the epublishing world

Friday, April 6, 2012

Gender Bias in literature podcast

This link will take you to a podcast by  ABC Radio National

When you open the book review pages in the newspapers, take a closer look at the names of the authors and the names of the reviewers. How many are men and how many are women? A feminist arts organization in the US called VIDA has tallied the numbers in prestigious literary review pages including the New York Times, the Times Literary Supplementand The New Yorker and found that men dominate. This is no one-off anomaly. VIDA tallied the numbers last year and the results were much the same. Why is this so? And what's the situation in Australia?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bush Poets Competition.

Below is a link to The Bryan Kelleher Literary Award  bush poetry competition. First prize is a cool $1000, nothing to be sneezed at for sure, so well worth the effort. So get in there and have a go and then let us all know if you win and we'll celebrate together.

 Good Luck! and if you want to know who Bryan Kelleher was
Bryan Kelleher was a long standing member of the ANA who was passionate about acknowledging and honouring Australian achievements. The Australian Unity Bryan Kelleher Literary Award is our way of celebrating and preserving the substantial contribution Bryan made during his long association with the ANA and the Henry Lawson Society. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Qld premiers literary awards scrapped.

Read it here from the SMH.

Campbell Newman has scrapped the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards, arguing the $244,000 saving was part of the Liberal National Party's promised cost-cutting drive.
The move was not specifically flagged before the state election and has prompted criticism on Twitter this afternoon, with people raising concern it was an ominous sign about the approach the LNP government would take on supporting the arts.

Read more:

There will be a backlash, a cry from the arts, and more than a few annoyed writers.

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