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This soon will be bursting with our list of Honorary Members. A feather in anyone's cap

Kris Hemensley combines his writing life with bookselling c/o Collected Works Bookshop, the poetry specialists, in Melbourne. He also travels to & fro the UK which is only fair for an Englishman who's lived in Australia since 1966. A poet, prose-writer & commentator, he is the author of several books & chapbooks, most recently the limited edition Exile Triptych (Vagabond Press, Sydney).

email : collectedworks@mailcity.com
blog :  www.collectedworks-poetryideas.blogspot.com
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The daughter of a wharf worker, Kerry Greenwood has worked in a variety of occupations, including folk singer, factory hand, director, translator, costumer-maker, and cook. A qualified solicitor, she graduated from Melbourne University with degrees in English and Law, and works part time for Legal Aid in Victoria.
Greenwood wrote her first novel at the age of sixteen and is the author of a series of twelve crime fiction novels set in Melbourne in the 1920s. The protagonist in this popular series is detective Phryne Fisher, a character the author has described as a female James Bond, who is "without guilt, with boundless self-esteem".
Greenwood writes in a number of literary genres. In addition to her crime fiction, she has written drama, historical novels, science fiction and short stories. Her work as an advocate in the Magistrate's Courts and previous experience working with abused women provide a background for her non-fiction books about crime and the law. These include a collection of essays about true crime, and an exploration of the motivations and personal circumstances of women who murder.

Kerry Greenwood
Thank you! Honoured!  Thank you very kindly for asking me.


Since her retirement from teaching, Dr. Mary Casolin has indulged her lifelong passion for language and produced three books of poetry. Notably: Diaphanous Auroras, Saffron Sunsets and her most recent work; Blossoms of Snow.

Mary's academic credits include a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, First class honours in French (Romance Linguistics) and a PhD. on the situation in Europe during W.W II.

Mary began her academic pursuits at the university at St. Lucia in the scientific discipline. After indulging herself with a stint at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research she spent considerable time at Maternity Nursing. Mary then took up her profession as a teacher of science and mathematics. For some time she also lectured and tutored in the Dept. of Modern Languages at JCU and spent six months at Perugia where she gained a Post-graduate diploma to teach the Italian language and culture. Mary was later employed by the criminal Justice Commission in Brisbane.

Retirement as enabled Mary to embark on autonomous learning which she claims is undoubtedly the most lasting.


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