Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hey there...

Come a little closer. Check this pic out.

It has nothing to do with writing or WiTS. I just think it's a cool picture of a tank.

This is a cool picture too. And it's not a tank.

Know what it is? It looks like my year twelve end of year exam paper. 


It's a book. The Book. WITS book. That's right. You're excited, you're Big Keving right now. I know. It's cool to go a little crazy. But patience is your ally at this time. Soon, my friends. Very soon.

Watch this space.

Winners are Grinner's...

Apparently anyway, I've never won a darned thing in my life. Maybe a meat tray, and there was that birthday raffle, yea that was a good one. Oh, and the hand of my wife. I won that fair and square, had a fight for the rest of her though...

But I digress... read this.

First prize in WITS anthology Voices of the North fund raising raffle was a painting- Early Morning at Picnic Bay - by local artist Yvonne Scott. 

 Congratulations Dominique O'Brien.

Second prize 'A Bundle of Books' kindly donated by WITS authors was won by David from Wulguru.

Well done folks. What a scoop. And look, here's a pic.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10, 9, has began.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

It begins!!

The countdown to the premier event of the year has began.

Is it the Olympics you ask? NO!

Is a Kardashian not on the cover of a magazine? My god man, are you insane. I have a better chance of seeing a whale walking down my street. And no it's not that either.


Oh for heavens sake I'll just tell you.

read the below from WiTs esteemed president and sigh contentedly. 


Voices of the North is a celebration of Townsville & North Qld lifestyle. Sixty-five authors have contributed a collection of more than ninety stories & poetry.(hallelujah brother) 

The anthology has provided a unique opportunity for first time or unpublished writers to add their voice; to blend their stories with those of more experienced authors. (hell yea)

The resulting anthology is a rich blending of stories brought to life by striking photographs. The proofs are fabulous. Passion & perseverance has paid off!!! 

(Hands in the air everybody... lets see them. Ok, not the best medium for that)
Less than five weeks to the LAUNCH on 4th October. Promotional  event & book sales at Stockland on Sat 5th October.