Monday, December 15, 2008

Ode to WITS

With fortitude, tenacity, vigor and vim,
We writers of Townsville are more than a whim.
We write with style.
We write with grace.
We write with adverbs, commas and ...pace.

No grammar eludes us,
No syntax confounds.
We have the knowledge.
Our structure is sound.

But as we write
At our desk and chair,
Oh where to place it,
Oh where, oh where?

We yearn for favour
And small recognition.
So we scribble away
From dreams to fruition.

And in the process
We meet new scribes,
And Wednesday nights
Abound with vibes.

But don't lose heart,
Attend every week,
So with diligence and practice
You'll attain your peak.

A ballad, a poem, a rhyme, a story.
One of these will bring you glory
But if you aspire to a higher plain,
Then cerebral wisdom will be your gain.

They say advice
Is like giving a bald man a comb
But my advice to writers
I have known....

Is never give up
For surely one day
You'll write that best seller.
That one that will pay!

By K.J. Ashwin ( ditties on Demand)


  1. Know doubt about you KJ. You have not let the side down with being first to submit! That terrier instinct alive and in action...even though it's the silly season! Good on you and thanks.

  2. I love this Kerry! Particularly the first paragraph, what great opening lines!