Friday, July 10, 2009

don't give the cold shoulder and vote now

Hi All My Wittie Friends! I have a favour to ask of you if I may be so bold?
I have entered a writing competition to win a Quark Expedition cruise to The Antarctic and all I need is the most votes. So if you can click on this site

and register and then vote for me. It’s easy! Thank you...

I also don’t mind if you feed me back some editing. I did it last night in a hurry with excitement and thinking who else can I ask to vote!! I have friends but not as many as a couple of the entrants already up around 500 mark so I have some work to do. Going to Antarctica has been a full on dream of mine since before I started tripping around on those other cruises. Expedition...that’s the key word. Adventure and amazement others...all before I kick the bucket! (And while I can still KICK a bucket too!)CheersKerry

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