Monday, February 15, 2010

AUTHOR IN TOWN - Lenny Bartulin

CityLibraries, in conjuction with the Courier Mail Big Book Club presents an evening with - LENNY BARTULIN

Thursday, 18th February, 2010, 7pm at CityLibraries Aitkenvale

Lenny Bartulin's latest book "The Black Russian" is the sequel to his debut novel, "A Deadly Business".

About the new book:
After yet another slow week at the cash register, that fine purveyor of second-hand literature, Susko Books, is facing financial ruin. Jack Susko sets off to a gallery in Woollahra to scrape up some coin with the sale of an old art catalogue.

With his usual panache and exquisite timing, he arrives just as De Groot Galleries is being done over by masked thieves. Along with a mysterious object from the safe, the robbers seize a valuable first edition from Jack's bag, too.

When the owner of the gallery doesn't want to call the cops, Jack is offered a sizeable sum to keep silent: but when de Groot arrives at the bookshop with his heavy to renege on the deal, all bets are off. With an ease that almost constitutes a gift, Jack finds himself at the centre of a world full of duplicity, lies and art theft.

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