Monday, September 13, 2010

Writing Workshop with Nikesh Murali

Plotting Made Easy

Have you got a great story, but you are not sure how to structure it into a cohesive and gripping narrative? Struggling with your novel? Not sure of how to plot a story featuring memorable characters and pen a riveting story brimming with external and internal conflict?

Advance your understanding of the craft with this hands on, intensive 5 hour workshop where you will learn about some of the most popular and effective plotting systems employed by successful authors and gain new insights into the micro mechanics of fiction writing

You will learn how to…
• Examine the values and ambitions of your protagonists and antagonists, which in turn will help you formulate a strong story goal

• Create an effective outline based on the 3 act structure using step-sheets

• Break your novel down to story beats and character arcs to manage your manuscript and discard the boring bits

• Craft a strong beginning and climax by breaking it down to its effective components


Cost: $50.00
Date: 14 November 2010
Time: 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
Venue: Aitkenvale City Council library Workshop Room

Due the hands-on nature of the workshop we have limited seats. Book before the 1st of November 2010 to avoid disappointment.

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For bookings please contact nikeshmurali(at)nikeshmurali(dot)net


I learnt so much about one of the story structures for novels as well as for short stories. He is energetic, interesting, fun and knows his business. I would certainly attend any workshop he held in the future, even the travel to and from Townsville didn’t take the shine off.

Jacque Duffy, Children's Book Author ,


Nikesh has a talent for both writing and teaching. Judging by the quality of the six hour presentation a good deal of research and preparation had gone in beforehand. It was a hands-on experience and as we went through the stages of presentation, by interacting with Nikesh we constructed a credible outline for a story. We were then able to apply the principles to our own work.

The main focus of the workshop was on mastering the art of story structure. You can have a great story and engaging characters but unless it goes through the necessary stages, in the end it won’t work. By putting the correct foundations in place, the construction of your story, regardless of length follows a pattern the same as if you are constructing a building. In using the correct method to create a working outline you are saved the agony of doing endless rewrites. I’m speaking from experience here.

My novel which took me eight years to research and write went through endless drafts. I thought I was finished with it two years ago, but knew deep down that something wasn’t quite right. It needed restructuring; the trick was to know how to go about it the right way. Writing like any craft has to be learned, as long as you have the gift of story-telling and the willingness to learn, the tools are all there for you. Thank you Nikesh, for providing me with the tools to make A Hint of Darkness a best seller.

Lori Hurst, Author and President of Writers in Townsville Inc.


The workshop on story structure was both fun and informative. Nikesh is a natural-born presenter, oozing passion and enthusiasm,and I came away totally fired up for all things writing. The information offered was well organised and easy to understand with Nikesh illustrating many points with examples from modern day movies and texts.

I've been able to apply the knowledge I gained in the workshop to the novel I am currently writing and finding with this structure my story is flowing coherently and easily. I am so glad I attended and would heartily recommend this workshop to any writer.

Tess McCarthy, Winner of WOTS Short Story Contest

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