Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shaun's mini workwhop 17th August

Shaun is a writer of war/fantasy/SF. His novel is complete and is in the dreaded editing stage.

This is Shaun's second workshop. The last one on weapons was amazing. Guns, spears, ammo, bombs,swords and bows and arrows. It just makes you want to go and write a fight scene.

Here is a run down of his up and coming mini workshop.

For WiTs; Mini workshop on researching for Zicastor.

A brief rundown of how I prepared for the writing of my novel Zicastor:

A quick overview on:-

What inspired me to write.

How I created my characters

What tools I used to get my story started and flowing.

How I researched weapons and tactics

And what I’ve done since finishing the novel.

Very happy to answer questions throughout

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  1. This sounds great!! Looking forward to the workshop Shaun. I can do with some ideas.