Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ipswich Poetry Fest Competition

In the latter part of the nineteenth century two young children, Bridget and Mary Broderick, drowned at a waterhole that lies within the boundaries of the area now known as Henry Lawson Bicentennial Park at Walloon. This tragic event was the subject of a poem penned by Henry Lawson in 1891 titled "The Babies of Walloon"

The Ipswich Poetry Feast is a citywide initiative aimed at commemorating this significant event through the introduction of an annual international poetry competition and events that:

•Encourage young and aspiring poets

•Provide an opportunity for poets to showcase their work

•Raise community awareness of the creativity and skills in poetry writing

•Promote Ipswich as a vibrant, culturally rich region

Check out the site for details. Sounds like a great comp inspired by a terrible tragedy.


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