Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My sincerest apologies: a message from the WiTs blogmaster.

I must state my deepest apologies to all of WiTs blogsite readers and followers for the lack of anything being posted on the site for the last few months.

Some technical difficulties arose that I was unable to fix by myself. I have been in contact with Google and WiTs blog expert, Hettie Ashwin, trying to get a response from the site, all to no avail.

It was soon after that I realised the mistake was on my end and was all my fault, (apologies should go to Google for the abuse I gave them about their crappy site which turned out to be not that crappy after all).  

There were some important events that had taken place during the failure of the site and I apologise profusely to those people for my error.

The site is now (obviously) working and will be updated a lot more regularly.

Please resume your enjoyment of the WiTs blog...Now.

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