Saturday, February 2, 2013


All entries must be non-fiction.

This gives us a very broad scope. Biographies, interviews, anecdotes, poetry-
must be recognizable as an account of an interview or an event & not obviously creative fiction.
You are only limited by your imagination here. We are surrounded by interesting characters & local celebrities all with stories to tell. 
Annual events, sporting activities, natural attractions- leisure areas unique to our region & unnatural events or at least unwelcome ones in the form of cyclones, floods & droughts.

What are we aiming for here? To encompass our lifestyle. We want to know what’s out there- capture it & weave your story around it. Our final presentation will incorporate a blending of the arts through diversity of material.

Humorous, (bit whacky even), contemporary, historical, sense of the past- enduring.

Articles-I nterviews

Cultural diversity
What stands out for you? Someone’s perspective on the importance or Spirituality or religion, Multiculturalism, indigenous perspective.


·         All submissions must be emailed as an attachment to:
·         Submissions may be accompanied by a relevant photograph.
·         All photos must be scanned at 300 dpi –in order to fit onto page size.
·         Smaller photos will be included to fit with short pieces, poems etc.
·         Poetry is limited to one page -30 lines maximum
·         The majority of submissions will be limited to one page -500words
·         Longer pieces up to 1000-1200 words will be considered.
·         Including photographs the anthology will consist of approx.190 pages
·         The number of submissions included will depend on space available.
·         We are hoping to have space to include a short bio & small photo of the authors included in the anthology.
·         All content will be assessed on suitability for inclusion.
·         Accepted contributions may be edited.
·         Editor’s decision will be final.
·         All queries to above email address.

Submissions included in the anthology will receive a free copy


Including annual events, local activities, sporting events, local identities, iconic images, areas of interest local to the region, cultural perspectives on life in Townsville & regions & more……

- a cane toad
- Steve ``Pricey" Price
- Magnetic Island
- Cotter's Markets
- A NQ Cowboys football
- The Crystal Creek bridge
- Bob Katter's cowboy hat
- Perc Tucker Gallery
- A stinger suit
- An ice cream from Frosty Mango
- A dress worn in the Goldfield Ashes
- A cane train
- The Burdekin River
- Palm Island ferry
- The Red Baron
- David ``Crusty'' Herron
- The Great Northern Hotel
- The Rockpool
- Skin cancer
- Tony Mooney's moustache
- The marina
- Townsville to Cairns bike ride (raising money for kids with cancer)
- V8s
- Chamber of music festival
- Shakespeare in the park
- Strand Ephemera
- The Burdekin Water festival
- Billabong Sanctuary
- Crystal creek/ Alligator Creek falls
- Castle Hill
- Cowboys/ Crocs
-Walking Castle Hill - Roller skating - Ice skating

The list is endless. Please don’t be offended if something dear to your heart is not included.
This is just a bit of brain storming activity.

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