Thursday, January 10, 2008

Contributing to the WITS blog

All WITS members are welcome to contribute to the blog through comments or submissions. WITS also welcomes comments from non-members, although they will be moderated by the News Editor before being published.

For WITS members wishing to submit a creative work, tip, tool or advice, please remember that once it's published it's in the public arena and must conform to copyright requirements and taste standards. Please email your submissions to


  1. Make be here is where you put a dot point how too!?

  2. Greetings
    Not involved in the 500000 challenge but timing is coincidental I have set myself a challenge of creating a chap book of poetry in April - not being a novel writer. I have to put together atleast 20 pages - up to page 5 . i am aining it toward a competition. cheers ANDY
    WITS _ "More people writing better more often"

  3. I hate to be a total gloat...

    Well, you all know I haven't attended many meetings this year. Well, there is a reason...

    I was working hard at perfecting my role in the one act play called Late Entry (written by David Tristram). Well, what you probably don't know is that this play was featured in the North Queensland Festival of One Act Plays, performed at the Townsville Civic Theatre (2 - 3 May 2009). We were the last act... aka Late Entry.

    It gets better...

    Late Entry won the following awards:-

    Best Production
    Best Director
    Best Performance - Male
    Best Performance - Female

    As there were only 2 characters in the play, I am guessing you know who won what.

    Why am I gloating? Well, it was my first award ever for acting / performing. I'm just so thrilled.

    Hope to see you all after I return from Sydney.


  4. Well Done mate
    Kudos from the WITS blog team

  5. Awesome Teri! Get your pen ready now...autograph signing!