Thursday, January 10, 2008

Publications by WITS members

The newest WITS anthology Telling Townsville was launched on April 12th 2008 at the Townsville Museum and Historical Society. The anthology was funded by the Townsville City Council and celebrates the 'good old days' through the individual reminiscences and visions of people from different cultures and backgrounds. These are the stories of the people who shaped Townsville into the thriving tropical city it is today.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Telling Townsville ($14.95), please contact us at

Other publications by WITS members:
  • Anna's Anthology - Anna Picket
  • Diaphanous Auroras - Dr. Mary Casolin
  • Faceting for Fun
  • Fat Chance
  • From Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate - Andy King
  • I Remember
  • Long after the thrill - Kerry Ashwin
  • Lord of the Parks
  • Moon Mirrors
  • Parallel Worlds
  • Poems for Gnomes
  • Pretty Pictures
  • Purple Hen
  • Raw Life
  • Santuary of Ice
  • Scrumptious Souvenir Recipes
  • Slim Hope
  • Sunlight & Shadow - Anita Berry
  • Telling Townsville - WITS
  • The Human Species in Dock
  • Townsville Histories and Mysteries - WITS
  • T'ville - Kerry Ashwin, Nikesh Murali, Casey Salt, Stephen Ryan, Lori & Peter Hurst
  • Vision Splendid
  • Wait-a-while
  • Wild River

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  1. Hi A'Mhara, I think in the list above there is a mistake...sunlight and shadow should be starlight and ashes? I am not sure...Anita would be the one to ask....and I am sure there are a few more missing...Phils 'Just some more poems' I think is the title. Mary casolin is almost popping out a new one too!