Monday, April 20, 2009

From a new member.

The Hand of a kindred soul

Shelly has shared her experience of Wits. For those who are already converts to writing this is ego boosting, for those who have an inkling to join it is an incite, and for those who have lapsed, well this just might jog a memory. Thanks Shelly.


I’ve always been the kind of writer who wrote in isolation and didn’t share anything with anyone. Writing had always been a private affair between me and the page. I write when inspiration hits, when I am feeling creative, to escape, to release frustration, when I am happy, excited, melancholy and when I have something to say. Writing has always been a cathartic process for me and I have not always sat down to write with the goal of being published in mind. I write because I simply enjoy doing so.

A friend of mine encouraged me to share what I was writing and said she knew just the place. She told me about a writing group she belonged to called (Writers in Townsville Society) WITS and how she enjoyed going along to the meetings and found it beneficial to her own writing. I had a look at the WITS blog page and was impressed by what I saw there. The blog showed me what this writers group was all about and I enjoyed exploring the many links. I had a peak at the fantastic WITS member’s blogs and they looked like an interesting bunch of people. I plucked up the courage to go along to one of the WITS meetings and I was made to feel welcome with friendly smiles, cups of tea and tim tams. I was left feeling comfortable right away.

I didn’t share any of my writing initially, however after attending several meetings and with some encouragement from WITS members I have started to share my writing. You really do get what you give and I have been given some valuable constructive feedback about my writing.

My personal experience is that WITS is open to writers of all levels of proficiency. It’s a supportive and safe environment. The meetings are always a great source of inspiration to me as I listen in awe as other members share well crafted pieces of writing.
I am learning so much from other writers at WITS and it’s truly refreshing how willing people are to share their thoughts and ideas and to give you a bit of time to help you enhance the craft of writing. The atmosphere at WITS meetings is one of trust where members can safely share their writing and others are comfortable in making constructive suggestions.

I have found WITS members to be an eclectic and intelligent group of people who are all very unique and bring something special to the meetings.


  1. I will take the compliment as a WITS member and also verify that same feeling of belonging when I joined all those years back the first time (1995 and again in 2004 I think). A great bunch then and still. Thanks Shelly

  2. Exactly what I found when I joined the group. WITS gave me so much confidence in my own writing and helped me find my direction. And I found "kindred spirits" there who understood what I love about words and writing - how cool is that!
    Now that I've moved so far away (I class myself as a "NITWIT - Not in Townsville Wittie") I REALLY miss you all. Wednesday nights is just not the same ...