Saturday, April 18, 2009

pitching a query letter advice.

Thanks to the surfing abilities of members, the blog is a hive of links and activities.
this latest comes from Robyn our far away correspondent.

This is an excellent post from an agent in the US, Kristen, who keeps a regular blog about publishing. Kristen’s blog is so well written.
In this particular post, Kristen has given a detailed account of the pitch from the query letter of one of her clients, and her response to the pitch. This pitch landed the writer the agent, which led to the book being published. It is an excellent example of the sort of query letter that will catch an agent’s eye (and presumably the eye of a publisher too).
In her next post she promises to include an extract from the letter she (the agent) sent to the publisher about this book.
thanks Robyn, and keep up the spotting.

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