Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our First meeting for 2009!

What a night! We hit the road running so to speak with Nikesh Murali leaving us with some serious questions to ponder about our craft. Hit the spot for me and I am all fired up. The answers to the questions are within you and you'll know what to do with your findings. See below.
Kerry Ashwin filled us in on how to get our foot in the door with editors and publishers with regards to getting our work published. It all takes time and creative effort which Kerry demonstrates admirably with her go get 'em attitude. So...I ask you to get that journal out and clear those blocks.
It was a great night to start the year. The room was buzzing; almost bursting at the seams. That may have been the apple pie, the caramel tart or the choccie biscuits. It was NOT the ham sandwiches that Lori left home!
If you check out Kerry's and Nikesh's sites you will find links to all sorts of wonderful places to play and learn. See the links in members links list to the right of this......
Those questions to ponder....
  • Are you serious about writing? Conviction, interest .
  • Are you willing to learn? Read heaps of everything to broaden your scope.
  • Are you ready to commit? 300 words a day.
  • Are you willing to share and show your work? Get it out there.
  • Are you ready to self promote? Sell your work. Can't expect anyone else to sell it as convincingly as you. Which means having confidence!
  • Are you willing to embrace the future? Go for it...what else have you got planned?

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