Friday, February 27, 2009

Celebrating our Successes - February 2009

  • Congratulations to Casey Salt, Stephen Ryan, Nikesh Murali, Kerry Ashwin, Lori & Peter Hurst. Their collaborative project T'ville has been completed and is available for download.
  • Kerry Ashwin's podcast all Free today has been selected as a highlight on the ABC's Letter Vox. Kerry also featured on the Radio National BookShow on the 23rd of Feb and her photo was used at Pool for one of their stories for the BookShow.
  • Dr Mary Casolin has received the proof for her second volume of poems Safron Sunset and will be expecting the finished published version any day now.
Remember, if you would like to see your name in our monthly Peacock Awards, send some information about your accomplishment to

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  1. Congrats all you smarty pants. Now I have to gloat about the peacock photo! I was visiting Taronga park Zoo and all I had for camera was phone. Not a great piece of equipment but better than nothing at all. Well not much better...! Kez