Monday, February 16, 2009


You skim across the surface
Your words flitting like pebbles
Flat blunt stones
Cast forward

Such meaningless statements
You pelt dull descriptions
Obvious prescriptions
Stating the obvious
You say everything
... everything

Yes even the dynamic
... the complex ... the magical

Sketching human patterns with the blandest brush
A jaded palate
The broadest strokes
Skimming over details
Like flippant pebbles
Minus the ripples
For your words leave no mark

Left to your simplicity
Your rights and wrongs, light and dark
Them and us, me and you
I envy your peace of mind
Your lack of fitful dreams
Yet you leave a bitter taste,
Your ignorant bliss obscene

I walk away, descend within
Leave you skipping pebbles
Shallow presence by a stream

By Imbi Johnston

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