Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Big Issue short story comp

The 2012 edition will be co-edited by Melissa Cranenburgh and Chris Flynn. They’re looking for ” intriguing stories, humourous tales and lively and interesting writing”. You can choose to pick your own topic, or write to the official theme of “The End of the World”. Stories must be under 3000 words long.
Stories are due 31 May 2012. You need to make sure your name and details are on a removable coversheet, as stories are judged “blind”. To enter, you need to send two printed copies of your story to: Fiction Edition, The Big Issue, GPO Box 4911, Melbourne 3001.
Will you be entering this competition? Will you be following the theme or making up your own topic?
The Big Issue Fiction edition is one of the short form fiction highlights of the year. I’ve learned my lesson and I always buy my copy on the first day I know it’s out – it sells out so fast and everyone talks about it. Last year’s edition, Twelve Tales,sold a massive 34,000 copies across Australia.
The edition is a blend of stories selected from an open submission, and commissioned pieces from established and much-loved authors. Last year’s edition included stories by Frank Moorhouse, Peggy Frew, Nick Earls, Charlotte Wood and Chris Wormersley.

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