Thursday, March 1, 2012

Poetry workshop wrap up

POETRY FOR RECEPTIVE MINDS: Facilitator Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke

Last Sunday in conjunction with WITS, Michael presented a most informative & fulfilling workshop.
For those of you like me for whom all but the simplest forms of rhyming poetry is a mysterious art it
was a revelation. I have come away the proud possessor of a poem written in the sestina format.

Sestina is an intricate and beautiful form of poetry that originated in the twelfth century. Michael
skilfully and gently guided us through the process of creating our own poem. I came away richer for
the experience.

The boundaries of creative writing overlap and after exploring and expanding the technique of
evocative imagery I now have another useful tool to add to my writer’s toolbox.

Michael can be found Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Aitkenvale library in his role as Poet in
Residence. Michael is available to answer any queries or you may simply want to chat with someone
knowledgeable in the craft, or spend some time with a fellow poet.

For those of you who missed Sunday’s workshop Michael will be facilitating another later in the year.
While nothing has been decided as yet the next workshop may be centred on rhyming verse.

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