Monday, March 5, 2012

Twitter Workshop

Presenter: Hettie Ashwintwitter

Last Wednesday evening, award winning writer and internet whizz Hettie Ashwin introduced and illuminated the fast moving, and fast growing, world of Twitter.  It was an excellent session.  Among the aspects Hettie covered were what is Twitter; how to set up an account; customising your account; getting followers who matter; Twitter etiquette; and how to use Twitter to raise your web profile.

I had heard of Twitter, but did not really know anything about it, and by the session's end I felt able to dip my toe into the cyber-waters and get started.  The $10 workshop fee was absolutely worth the money, it included the e-mailing to me Hettie's power point presentation, and her availability for one-to-one assistance by e-mail afterwards.

Having attended other workshops that Hettie has run, I unreservedly recommend her future sessions, whenever, and wherever, she runs them.

Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke

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