Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Call out for horror and fantasy

Do you write with a scream on the cusp of your lips,your eyes unblinking and a numbing sensation running down your spine? Then this call out is for you...if you dare!
link hereFrom the Point of View of The Observer

Fiction through the eyes of the Observer. What do you see when you don't get involved? What do you see when you can't get involved? What do you see when you won't get involved?
SUBMISSION DEADLINE - April 1, 2012 - Accepting Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Artwork & Photography

Submission guidelines:Sirens Call Publications is currently taking submissions for our second e-zine to be released in April 2012, focusing primarily on the horror and fantasy genres. All contributors will receive a free PDF copy of the issue that their work is featured in.
We welcome short stories (2000-5000 words), flash fiction (300 - 500 words), artwork, photography and literary reviews. Interviews with both up and coming or established horror and fantasy authors will also be featured. Take advantage of this superb opportunity to gain exposure for your work and email with your submissions, or contacting with any queries.
We ask for one time publication rights only and stories that are previously published elsewhere are accepted provided that you hold the rights to them.

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