Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finally a report card that I can be proud of!!

Wits member Shaun Allen did a reading for his son's year 6/7 class on Monday the 5th of March. It came about after disappointing results after the class read a school book that they thought was a little dull. The teacher wanted to show the children that reading and writing stories can be a fun experience. In response to Shaun's reading the teacher wrote in the school's Weekly Wrap Up report this about the event.

"I would like to thank Shaun publicly for his assistance this week in the classroom. Shaun is a parent of one of our students and he is also a professional writer. He was welcomed into our classroom and read to the class a story he wrote called ‘Alone’ The students found this a valuable resource and his visit has improved the students understanding of why we write and the importance of adding selected verbs, adjectives and emotions to really strengthen a piece of writing. Also, the students asked some very intense questions, Shaun was delighted that certain questions were asked. After an intense discussion, the students believed that Shaun’s main message was that writing is fun and enjoyable. Students believe that Shaun should sell his ‘Alone’ story to Hollywood so they can make it a movie. If you wish to read ‘Alone’ or any of Shaun’s other work, Google Shaun Allen, War of the Words and enjoy the talent."   

Shaun acknowledges that the readings he has done for WiT's members and events has given him more confidence than he thought he could ever get for appearing in public. It has also taught him methods on how to try and engage an audience by putting emotion into his reading.

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